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Camera, Lights and Grip features lighting by Arri, Mole Richardson, Kino Flo, K5600, Litepanels, and more. Fixtures include ballast, head cable, barn doors, lens set (where needed), scrim set. Fixtures up to 4K include stand. Crank stands available.


  • Arri 120 HMI Par 

  • Arri 60 HMI Par 

  • Arri 40/2.5 HMI Par 

  • Arri 12 Plus HMI Par

  • Arri 5 HMI 

  • Arri 2 HMI 

  • 4K LTM Cinepar HMI Par 

  • 2.5K LTM Cinepar HMI Par 

  • 2500W Sun Ray Leonetti HMI 

  • 1200W K-5600 Jokers Par 

  • Silver Bullet with 12/18K fresnel

Arri Lights.jpg
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